Alteryx Text Mining

Alteryx Text Mining


Alteryx is a self-service Data Analytics platform using which data professionals can perform Data Preparation and Analytics. As a complete Data Analytics Solution, Alteryx has some Intelligence Tools that help users incorporate Advanced Analytics. These tools include the Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Text Mining Tools that are used to create the Advanced Analytics Workflow.

In this article, we will delve into the Advanced Text Mining Feature that comes under the Alteryx Intelligence Suite so that you can make your Data Workflow as per modern standards. But, let us have a quick overview of Alteryx Intelligence Suite first before moving on to Text Mining.

Table of Contents

  • What is Alteryx Intelligence Suite?
  • What is Alteryx Text Mining?
  • Benefits of Alteryx Text Mining
  • What are the requirements to use Text Mining?
  • What Tools are included in Alteryx Text Mining?
  • Language Support of Alteryx Text Mining Tools
  • Conclusion

What is Alteryx Intelligence Suite?

Alteryx Intelligence Suite is a Modern Advanced Analytics Tool developed by Alteryx that helps data professionals in modern Analytics and Data Science Practices. The Tools in Alteryx Intelligent Suite help in exploratory data analysis by allowing users to cleanse raw data and perform various operations on it to generate outcomes from that data.

Alteryx Intelligence Suite offers Machine Learning, Text Mining, and Computer Vision capabilities on top of the great features that are already available in the Alteryx Designer license. Out of these, the Text Mining Tool

What is Alteryx Text Mining?

Text Mining refers to the process of analyzing the information present in the text in the form of words or phrases and interpreting the patterns in it. Alteryx Text Mining Feature allows you to perform various analytics tasks on the Text Data. These tasks such as classifying, summarizing, pre-processing, or clustering the text data, and many more can be explored in Alteryx online training.

Benefits of Alteryx Text Mining

  • Alteryx Text Mining helps to analyze unstructured data

Text mining helps to extract valuable insights from unstructured text data, such as customer feedback, social media posts, and documents. These insights help businesses in decision-making.

  • Text Mining can enable organizations to understand user perception

Using the Sentiment Analysis Tool in Text Mining, organizations can analyze sentiment, emotions, and opinions expressed in text, to know the user perception and customer satisfaction.

  • Users can easily Summarize Lengthy Text

Using the Text Summary Feature, we can summarize long documents, reports, or any other text data which helps us to save time in the Analytics Tasks.

  • It helps in Competitive Analysis

We can quickly analyze the text from a competitor’s website, news, or social media and adapt the strategy accordingly.

  • It helps in Fraud Detection 

We can quickly identify the unusual patterns in the Data such as insurance claims so that fraud can be detected easily.

What are the requirements to use Atleryx Text Mining?

If you open the Atleryx Designer Desktop on your System and try to use the Intelligence Suite Tools, the left pane shows the message as outlined below.

  • Alteryx Designer and Atleryx Intelligence Suite: From the 2021.2 release, the Alteryx Intelligence Suite is not included in the Alteryx Designer installer. You need to install Intelligence Suite separately. The correlation between the version of Designer and the Intelligence Suite is shown below:
Alteryx Designer Version Corresponding Version of Intelligence Suite
Alteryx Designer from version 2021.2 to 2022.3 Alteryx Intelligence Suite should match the exact version of the Designer
Alteryx Designer versions 2023.1 or higher Alteryx Intelligence Suite should match the base version of the Designer
  • System Requirements: Along with this, you should have the following minimum system requirements to install the Alteryx Designer and Intelligence Suite:
OS Requirements Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit)
CPU Quad Core-Chip
Processor 2.5 GHz or Faster
Disk Size 500 GB–1 TB
  • Active Active Alteryx Intelligence Suite License: You should have an active license to use the Tools provided by the Intelligence Suite in Alteryx Analytics Platform

What Tools are included in Alteryx Text Mining?

There are many tools which are available in the Alteryx Text Mining Feature. You can see them by right-clicking on the workflow of your Alteryx Designer Desktop as shown below:

The Intelligence Suite provides the following Tools in the Atleryx Text Mining:

  • Named Entity Recognition Tool: Named Entity Recognition tool is used to identify entities, like people, places, and things, in text. The tool uses the the named entity recognition modules of the spaCy package, a modern Natural Language Processing Library
  • Part-of-Speech Tagger Tool: It is used to identify parts of speech like nouns, verbs, and adjectives from text. This is very useful to cleanse, prepare, and enhance data for Natural Language Processing applications.
  • Sentiment Analysis Tool: Using Sentiment Analysis, you can determine whether text data reflects positive, negative, or neutral sentiment. For this, the Valence Aware Dictionary for Sentiment Reasoning (VADER) algorithm is used to measure the valence and magnitude of emotion in text.
  • Text Classification Tool: This tool trains and outputs a text classification model based on your training data. You can easily connect to this tool to classify your new unseen text data.
  • Text Pre-processing Tool: This tool is used to clean up text data, Convert words to their roots (in other words, lemmatize), Filter out unwanted digits, punctuation, and stop words.
  • Text Summary Tool: The Text Summary tool summarizes bodies of text and helps us to understand large bodies of text.
  • Topic Modeling Tool: This tool is capable to identify and categorize topics in a body of text. Before passing the data into this tool, you should use the Text Pre-processing tool to increase the efficiency.
  • Word Cloud Tool: This tool is used to visualize the text data. The Word Cloud tool outputs a word cloud as a temporary image file in Designer that is compatible with any of the Reporting tools.
  • Zero-shot Text Classification Tool: This tool assigns scored categories to bodies of text based on a pre-defined category list. The Zero-shot Text Classification tool doesn’t require training data and uses ONNX Runtime using the huggingface transformer model.

Language support for Text Mining Tools

The different Text Mining Tools are available for specific languages which are summarized below:

Tool English French German Japanese Latin Spanish Brazilian Portuguese Italian Simplified Chinese
Text Pre-processing Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Sentiment Analysis Yes No No No No No No No
Word Cloud Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Topic Modeling Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Named Entity Recognition Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Part-of-Speech Tagger Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Text Summary Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Zero-shot Text Classification Yes No No No No No No No
Text Classification Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No


Alteryx Text Mining Feature offered by the Alteryx Intelligence Suite can help the organization to gain a lot of meaningful insights from the raw and unstructured text. With Alteryx Text Mining, the users are capable of extracting patterns from the raw text without the need to perform separate Exploratory Data Analyses.

With the information given in this article, you have learned the requirements to use the Alteryx Text Mining Feature in your  Alteryx Designer Platform. Now, you are ready to enhance your Advanced Analytics workflow using Alteryx Text Mining.

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